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A History of Veganism
An essay focusing on the first few decades of the original Vegan Society.

This essay featured on A Candid Hominid was partly written to support the contention that veganism is a rejection of nonhuman exploitation that goes beyond dietary guidelines.
Animal rights, vegan

HUGE animal rights vegan archival website, committed to getting Christians to take care of all of God’s creatures. GREAT resource for everyone who is committed to animal liberation regardless of your religious likes or dislikes.
Veda Stram
Carnism Awareness & Action Network
Changing the way we think about eating animals.

CAAN is dedicated to raising awareness of and transforming carnism, the invisible believe system that conditions people to eat certain animals.
Collectively Free
Collectively Free is an activist community that works towards the abolishment of the exploitation and consumption of non-human animals through highly creative and non-violent actions, by changing the culture of speciesism, and uniting communities.

Alone we are strong. Collectively we are free. Collectively Free is here to help our animal rights movement grow through highly creative non-violent actions. We are a relatively new activist group, launched officially September 1st, 2014. However, since then we have not stopped challenging the culture of speciesism and offering solutions. From disruptions (direct action) to screenings, from projections to education, we have inspired and created a solid animal rights community, reaching other cities and countries. Are you ready to the voice the animals need? Join our movement!
Raffaella Ciavatta
(646) 209-3448
Culture & Animals Foundation
Advancing animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression.

CAF takes a distinctive approach to animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression to raise awareness of animal rights.
Eat Like You Care
An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals

This book explains how the widely-shared moral institutions that constitute our conventional wisdom about animal ethics commit us to a vegan diet. Our palate pleasure is the only justification we have to inflict suffering and death on the billions of animals we kill every year for food. The authors are longtime vegan advocates who have produced a short and readable book that will equip every animal advocate with the necessary arguments to make not being a vegan look extreme!
Farm Kind
Resource for farmers transitioning to plant-based agriculture.

Farm Kind seeks to help farmers transition from animal to plant-based agriculture, to help those who desire to reconnect with the land and become farmers, to support local food production, and to address environmental and social justice issues for all living beings.
Empowering animal advocates with access to the research, analysis, and strategies that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering.

Fuanalytics (Formerly Humane Research Council) empowers animal advocates with access to the research, analysis, and strategies that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. They provide discount consulting services, written reports, presentations, and other resources exclusively for animal advocates, including many tools for smaller groups and individuals.
Four Feet Forward
Free legal and media support for small animal advocacy organizations.

Four Feet Forward was created to help small animal advocacy organizations with their legal and media campaigns by offering professional services at no cost.
Free from Harm
Promoting farmed animal rescue, education and advocacy.

Free from Harm empowers consumers to dramatically reduce our impact on animals and ecosystems, simply by using the most powerful tool at our disposal: our forks.