300 Vegans

300 Vegans is a friendly invitation for the community of pre-vegans to meet and get help from vegans to make their shift.  These are creative, large, visually unified displays of vegans that create a psychological impact of awareness in the communities where these events occur.


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Being vegan is about more than a lifestyle, diet or environmentally sustainable behavior. It's a consciousness that we are interconnected with earth as a living system and with other earthlings that share this planet. Read more


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Eriyah Flynn, WIN/WIN


VeganShift is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, global, vegan hub developing sustainable societies for symbiotic living with all earthlings.

We envision a vegan world where people live in harmony with a symbiotic relationship towards fellow earthlings and nature, empowers humanity to thrive on vegan nutrition, and ensures our global social foundational policies support vegan ethics of nonviolence and peace towards all earthlings. Lean more