Vegan Coin Fundraising Token

Vegan Coin Fundraising Token
Contract Type: ERC 20
Contract: 0x52aB2eF83426AD1fA5D3E402947e38dCE2894903
Chosen Option: Open Ended Token Contract (No Limit)
Token Symbol: VEGAN
Token Name: Vegan Coin
Pre-minted Supply: 300 Million
Total Mint Supply: Open-No Limit/End
Value: $1 USD per token


Vegan Shift has entered into the next generation of commerce/exchange and is now accepting donations via cryptocurrency.

We have also created a vegan coin digital fundraising token that we will give you in exchange for every dollar you donate to our organization to show our appreciation.
To make a donation that qualifies for a vegan coin fundraising token must have an Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC 20 tokens. You can create your wallet (if you do not yet have one) here:

Thank you for helping us empower a rapid world vegan shift in global consciousness!