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A Delicate Balance
A documentary for anyone concerned about their health or the environment.

Three years in the making, A Delicate Balance is a succinct production featuring candid interviews with some of the world's leading experts (including mainstream researchers, doctors, nutritionists, cattle ranchers,environmentalists and politicians) from Harvard to Cornell to Tufts. The film predominantly explores the effects of animal protein on the human body and the environment and will help you make informed choices to reduce your personal impact.

Yes - all owners are vegan
A History of Veganism
An essay focusing on the first few decades of the original Vegan Society.

This essay featured on A Candid Hominid was partly written to support the contention that veganism is a rejection of nonhuman exploitation that goes beyond dietary guidelines.

A Life Connected
The power of making vegan choices.

A short video detailing why living vegan can improve life for everyone and everything on our planet.

African American Vegan Starter Guide
A fantastic comprehensive vegan starter guide for any new vegan and with people of color perspective (which all can benefit from).
Aguachiles y Enchiladas
Animal rights, vegan

HUGE animal rights vegan archival website, committed to getting Christians to take care of all of God's creatures. GREAT resource for everyone who is committed to animal liberation regardless of your religious likes or dislikes.
Veda Stram
Animal Activist Helpline
Free Emotional Support and Self Care Resources

The Animal Activist Help line is a service of Sustainable Activisim- which is a project of In Defense of Animals- Council of Sustainable Acitivism (CoSA) provides resources for our activist community to address psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, emotional, and physicial issues. CoSA offers tools for empowerment, dealing with anger and grief, and finding inner-peace. We are building a strong support network for activists nationwide in collaboration iwth Carnism Action and Awareness Network, Worldwide Prayer Circle fo Animals, Family Spirals, Vegan Spirituality and the International Vegan Collaborative.

Yes - all owners are vegan
Animal Rights National Conference
Largest and longest-running animal rights gathering.

The Animal Rights National Conference attracts a thousand leaders, activists, vegan vendors, and others who care about animals and offers sessions on abuse, organizing, and outreach skills, as well as opportunities to discuss controversial issues, enjoy delicious food, network, and 'recharge your batteries.'
Animals Should Be Off the Menu Debate
Philip Wollen addresses the St James Ethics and the Wheeler Centre debate.

Phillip Wollen, a dedicated humanitarian and vegan activist, discusses the changes that must be made to make a difference in the world by having a global vegan shift.

Applehead Boutique
Simple. Pure. Healthy. Vegan homemade natural dog treats that only contain real food ingredients deliberately added for health and healing purposes.

Applehead Ltd. The Couture Pet Boutique specializes in handmade and homemade pet products we make in the USA! Local to Cincinnati OH and Mainstrasse KY! Our gourmet treats are made by us, Applehead Ltd in Mainstrasse KY. They are HEALTHY, Preservative Free and Made with Only the Finest PEOPLE FOOD Ingredients! ..And YES- We have all tasted them! Our treats are made specifically so that EACH ingredient is deliberate to benefit your dog's body. These are healthy treats! Vegan Chic Pet Parents: Enjoy our Artful Wooden Pet Beds, couture clothing, leads, toys and more (coming soon!)
Desh Rain

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