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African American Vegan Starter Guide
A fantastic comprehensive vegan starter guide for any new vegan and with people of color perspective (which all can benefit from).
Animal Activist Helpline
Free Emotional Support and Self Care Resources

The Animal Activist Help line is a service of Sustainable Activisim- which is a project of In Defense of Animals- Council of Sustainable Acitivism (CoSA) provides resources for our activist community to address psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, emotional, and physicial issues. CoSA offers tools for empowerment, dealing with anger and grief, and finding inner-peace. We are building a strong support network for activists nationwide in collaboration iwth Carnism Action and Awareness Network, Worldwide Prayer Circle fo Animals, Family Spirals, Vegan Spirituality and the International Vegan Collaborative.

Yes – all owners are vegan
Applehead Boutique
Simple. Pure. Healthy. Vegan homemade natural dog treats that only contain real food ingredients deliberately added for health and healing purposes.

Applehead Ltd. The Couture Pet Boutique specializes in handmade and homemade pet products we make in the USA! Local to Cincinnati OH and Mainstrasse KY! Our gourmet treats are made by us, Applehead Ltd in Mainstrasse KY. They are HEALTHY, Preservative Free and Made with Only the Finest PEOPLE FOOD Ingredients! ..And YES- We have all tasted them! Our treats are made specifically so that EACH ingredient is deliberate to benefit your dog’s body. These are healthy treats! Vegan Chic Pet Parents: Enjoy our Artful Wooden Pet Beds, couture clothing, leads, toys and more (coming soon!)
Desh Rain
Bearded Rose
Bearded Rose creates natural vegan products for men and women without harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Our goal is to holistically supply our customers with handcrafted products created in small batches to meet our customers needs. Beard Oil, Mustache Wax, Shampoo, Lip Balm, Shaving Cream, Beard Shampoo Soap, Moisturizer, Lotion, and Sugar Scrubs. We use 100% natural, vegan ingredients.
Chocolate Emporium
Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Shoppe

Chocolate Emporium is a Cleveland-based STAR-K certified chocolate shop specializing in artisan crafted dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and kosher chocolates. We provide the Cleveland community and beyond with exquisite specialty chocolates that are so delicious, they could dominate a taste test with finesse next to traditional full-ingredient varieties. We’ve been serving the Northeast Ohio community and beyond with our very own uniquely bold, sweet and rich premium confectionery recipes since 1993
Cleveland Vegan Society
Promoting the healthful, sustainable, and compassionate benefits of living vegan.

The Cleveland Vegan Society is organized for charitable and educational purposes, to promote a vegan lifestyle by informing the public about the healthful, sustainable, and compassionate benefits of plant-based eating and living free from animal exploitation.
Creative Modeling for Vegans
The main goal of Creative Modeling is to show the world on a daily basis just how beautiful, handsome, fit, and healthy people who eat a meat-free diet can be!

Creative Modeling is a Los Angeles-based photography service for Vegans. As well as offering a traditional service for anyone seeking studio-based head shots, body shots, pet shots, or couple shots, we also do collaborative photo-shoots with vegan celebrities, models, or healthy-looking vegans who are willing to help us promote a meat-free way of life to the world! We specialize in producing creative, vegan-promoting photos that are beautiful, sexy, and respectable. If you’d like to get some low cost, high quality photos of yourself, please visit our website and read our ‘Our Services’ section. If you like the idea of modeling for us in a collaborative (no money involved) project, please read our ‘Model for Us’ section. To support Creative Modeling and our vegan-promoting goals, please like us on Facebook at Thank you!
Driftwood Magazine
Driftwood is an upcoming travel and culture magazine. We’re here to break away from the entry-level content that fills most vegan magazines, the recipes and celebrity lists, and explore what lies beyond the threshold.

Driftwood is an upcoming travel and culture magazine. We’re here to break away from the entry-level content that fills most vegan magazines, the recipes and celebrity lists, and explore what lies beyond the threshold.
Holly Feral
Enviro-Mike is a service available to those looking for humane, non-lethal, low-tech, low-cost ways to deal with wildlife-human conflicts.

I (Mike Nestor) started Enviro-Mike in 1997 and since then have helped hundreds of people learn how to safely evict and exclude animals that have gotten into buildings, structures, gardens or orchards. My business is based upon the philosophy of non-violence and the Precautionary Principle. Enviro-Mike is dedicated to the minimizing of harm to all living beings. I am always interested in learning techniques and strategies others have used to deal with wildlife that don’t involve the use of poisons, lethal traps or pseudo-science.
ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM)
A revolutionary financial advisor specialized in investing with index funds and ETFs. We customize active and passive investment portfolios, for a wide range of clients, at an ultra-low-cost.

ETF PM created investable benchmark portfolios to provide strategic indexing solutions that deliver strong performance and material fee savings. These core multi-asset class portfolios are an important starting point for all investors. In addition, we provide absolute return strategies that broaden diversification and reduce risk. Our active ETF trend following strategies delivered gains in the crash of 2008, with strong long-term performance. ETF PM is also part community owned via our Pledge to Give Back. On an annual basis, we donate a percentage of each client’s advisory fees to the school or charity selected by that client. Vegan owned business based in Thousand Oaks, CA.

David Kreinces
(866) 409-5844