Critical Renewable Energy Solutions

PowerHouse Energy
Leading alternative energy solutions

The Company’s technologies enable energy recovery from municipal waste streams that would otherwise be directed to landfills and incinerators; or from renewable and alternative fuels such as biomass, lignite (brown coal), tires, and plastics to create syngas for power generation or reformed into liquid fuels for transportation.
Pyromex Ultra High Temperature Gasification System
Pyromex Gasification Process Animation

View the PowerHouse Energy Pyromex Gasification Process animation.

At Solazyme we transform microalgae, the smallest of organisms, into solutions for the worlds biggest problems.

With a breakthrough production process, Solazyme is revolutionizing the way the world makes oil. We’re tackling some of today’s biggest issues – like sustainability, resource scarcity and traceability – with microalgae, the world’s original oil producer.