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Vegan Crush is all about delicious plant-based cuisine that will keep one satisfied, fit and happy! It is a creative and educating platform focus on healthy, delicious, easy to prepare recipes that inspire individuals to thrive and become more aware and conscious about food choices. Through different platforms and events like food workshops, special dinner events, personal chef service and delivery service we want to reach people from all walks of life and meet them where there at. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective and we want to provide the inspiration and impulse to get people started!
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Vegan Crush is a platform for scrumptious plant-based cuisine for everyone who enjoyed food. Whether one is interested to expand their knowledge on how to create fun and exciting dishes or want to just eat healthy but don’t want to think about food every day we provide the service that is needed to support these needs. Through food workshop we inspire and share skills and knowledge on how to create easy and quick plant-based dishes or raw plant-based dishes. Our special dinner events are for adventurous foodies that want to try something new and connect with like minded people while getting spoiled with fusion plant-based cuisine that one might not have expected. With our food delivery we want to reach everyone who have a busy schedule or don’t enjoy cooking. With our programs we provide whole food that are freshly cooked and delivered every Monday´s. All thats left to do is open the fridge and enjoy! Besides of that everything we do is available through a personal approach where we create menus based on ones preferences and goals for special needs and diet requirements.

These are our categories.

Raw Plant-Based Cuisine:
Used for our Food Workshops and Cooking Classes. Demonstration of how to start eating raw and implementing more raw food to one’s died by recipes created to reveal potential of raw produce that are available and adaptable regardless where one is.

Whole Plant-Based Cuisine:
Used through our Delivery Service and Personal Chef Service. Menus that are created with only home-made products and unprocessed nurturing plant-based ingredients.

Transitioning Plant-Based Cuisine:
Used through our Personal Chef Service and Workshops/Cooking Classes. Food that helps people to understand that plant-based dishes can have textures like meat using seitan, tempeh, legumes etc. and that it has a bigger potential than one might think for example by using nuts as the base for creating authentic cheese alternatives.

Gourmet Plant-based Cuisine:
Used for our Special Dinner Events where one can experience gourmet fusion plant-based cuisine inspired by famous international dishes.

Our Mission is to inspire that knowledge about food is important in order to have the freedom to make a choice and at the same time making it available and provide meals that are nurturing and delicious making it easier for individual to transition into a more conscious diet and lifestyle.

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Yes – all owners are vegan
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Maricel Lukkanit
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+66 970035108
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