Month: December 2014

Take the NASA Million Dollar Family Challenge

Purpose of the “NASA Million Dollar Family Challenge”: A positive method of stimulating peaceful, innovative vegan solutions and ideas to current unjust and violent system infrastructure. Build bridges to our community by inviting people or policy makers to take the “NASA Million Dollar Family Challenge” when they ask thoughtful genuine questions or especially when they make thoughtless, arcane, barbaric, or […]

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VeganShift Founder, Eriyah Flynn, gets 1 minute to do an impromptu FRED talk in LA, CA.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are going vegan everywhere everyday? Ever heard of a FRED talk? @Eriyah talks @WorldVeganShift with #SteveGlenn @ #FREDTalk in LA: Check out this response to the question: “Have you ever wondered why people are going vegan rapidly everywhere everyday?” If you have ever had someone say, “Yeah, I’ve wondered.” in a sarcastic […]

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