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Vegan Veterans (Military) Do Exist- Check Out These Resources!

Vegan Veteran Facebook Groups Vegan Military Spouses: Vegan Veterans (Closed): Vegan Veterans (Public): Vegan Veteran Facebook Pages A Vegan Man: Adventures of a Military Wife: Military Vegan: Vegan Veteran Blogs A Vegan Man: Adventures of a Military Wife: MilitaryVegan: Vegan Military/Veteran Youtube Alex Contreras Vegan Survival Guide: MILITARY EDITION How […]

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Becoming the Ardent Vegan Advocate

I’ve been an ardent vegan advocate since 2000. I became vegan because I am an animal lover. I was born and raised to respect animals and had believed I was an animal lover my entire life; although regrettably, I did not become vegan until I was in my late 20’s. A series of events awakened my consciousness; Moby’s “Everything Is […]

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Treatise for a Vegan Shift

People often ask me: “Why are you a vegan? Is it for ethical or health reasons?” as if it is a binary issue. Statements like this exemplify there is tremendous opportunity to raise the level of consciousness about the true insidious and pervasive impacts of the single behavior of an animal-based diet/culture. To illustrate this dilemma, I would share with […]

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