Month: February 2015

Why I Will Always Be Vegan

If I ever wanted to be worthy of living, it was to be as a person who lived with integrity, courage, honor and consistently with my values for truth, liberty, justice, respect, dignity, equality, empathy, kindness, compassion and peace for all earthlings. I will never be able to undo what I have unconsciously and unquestioningly participated in for far too […]

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Vegan is More than a Lifestyle; It is an Ethic

Lifestyles can be, and are often unconscious, indifferent, unexamined, superficial, unjust, self-centered, flippant and transient, whereas ethics are conscious, empathetic, examined, intentional, just, self-less, principled and permanent. If people are driven and inspired by being a good samaritan, ethics (and morality) are integral parts of their “lifestyle”. Many vegans strive to integrate all of the latter standards in their imperfect […]

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