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Navigating Relationships, Wellness, and Everyday Life as a Vegan Animal Advocate

VeganShift and the Columbus Vegan Meetup are excited to bring you an esteemed champion of unequivocal vegan advocacy! Presented by Dr. Casey Taft- This talk offers tips for advocacy and strategies for communicating with loved ones or others who may be unsupportive or abusive, overcoming other challenges in communication, navigating issues related to dating, masculinity, and sex, and managing trauma […]

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VeganShift Founder, Eriyah Flynn, gets 1 minute to do an impromptu FRED talk in LA, CA.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are going vegan everywhere everyday? Ever heard of a FRED talk? @Eriyah talks @WorldVeganShift with #SteveGlenn @ #FREDTalk in LA: Check out this response to the question: “Have you ever wondered why people are going vegan rapidly everywhere everyday?” If you have ever had someone say, “Yeah, I’ve wondered.” in a sarcastic […]

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