Cowspiracy Spreading the Vegan Virus?

Here is an article that in spite of its rude headline (Vegan Virus?) had some encouraging words about the effectiveness of the documentary film, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.

We were compelled to make the following comment on a statement within the article:

Article Highlight:

“Committed carnivores admit to avoiding it in case it puts them off eating meat.”


FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

“Committed Carnivores” actually deserve to be called out for their abdication of responsibility as global citizens on nation Earth for avoiding becoming informed. Willful ignorance merely because their conscience might actually be capable of overriding their self-serving, violent, addiction, or that enables a continued apathy to muster behavioral change for the greater good of the people, the planet, and the animals is unacceptable. A vegan shift in behavior is actually the responsible and rational reaction to becoming informed of the systems driving our collective destruction.

Humans are NOT carnivores at the best grasp at straws- they are behavioral omnivores that actually thrive best on plants, sun and a B12 supplement (because modern homo sapien sapiens generally no longer wipe with leaves and eat with their hands – effectively eat their natural source of b12 – bacteria that is common in excrement). Even that language (carnivore/omnivore) requires a reality check, not a continued re-enforcement of the collective entitled ego and superiority complex that has gotten us to this culture driving ecological collapse and 6th global extinction level event as 150-200 species die off forever, daily- 1000 times the natural rate of extinction.
Note: This is the first extinction actually created by the insanity and ego driven denial of species indigenous to the planet.

FACT: Vegans don’t live a life of stinking deprivation. They live a life consistent with universal ethics & values (peace, love, kindness, truth, justice, liberty and the right to pursue happiness for all earthlings) and consume delicious, healthier (for self and ecology) sustainable, nonviolent, alternatives. They live a life of adventure and discovery with new, delicious, healthier, sustainable, consistent-with-their-ethics alternatives for the foods and products they know, crave and love so much. Culture, tradition, economic infrastructure can be, rather, MUST be URGENTLY modernized and adapted for the reality that we have 7.3 billion people and growing everyday.

Empowerment: Delicious recipes for Meat, Dairy and Egg alternatives can be found at

Since when does a destructive taste preference, culture, tradition, personal freedom, corporate interests, habit or addiction ever trump personal responsibility and commitment to social justice for continued survival for ours, and future generations on earth?

Time to get real.

Vegan is more than a diet. Vegan is more than a lifestyle. Vegan is a consciousness, a compass grounded in empathy that determines an ethic that guides all behavior.

Love life, live vegan.

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