Vegan Veterans (Military) Do Exist- Check Out These Resources!

Vegan Veteran Facebook Groups

Vegan Military Spouses:
Vegan Veterans (Closed):
Vegan Veterans (Public):

Vegan Veteran Facebook Pages

A Vegan Man:
Adventures of a Military Wife: Military Vegan:
Vegan Veteran Blogs
A Vegan Man:
Adventures of a Military Wife:

Vegan Military/Veteran Youtube

Alex Contreras Vegan Survival Guide: MILITARY EDITION
How to be Vegan in the Military: Sgt. Alex Contreras by Bite Size Vegan:

Relevant Articles

Being a Vegan Soldier and the Challenges They Face:
Being Vegan in the Military:
Relevant Facebook Notes and Images

Vegan Items for 7 Month Deployment by Military Vegan Philip Burton:
Vegan Items for a 2 Month Shipboard Deployment by George Matthews:

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